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Food tips

Breakfast to Success

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? It’s simple. It kick starts your metabolism. Your body has been in "fast" mode overnight and won’t kick start until it gets food. The more you keep your metabolism even, the easier it is to lose weight, build lean muscle and keep your energy level stable throughout the day.

Berry Goodness

Drink "Blue" and potentially reduce your blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. Researchers in Canada found, in a small study, overweight men who drank one cup of blueberry juice every day for three weeks dropped their blood sugar levels by roughly 10% and their insulin resistance also fell. Marva Sweeny, Ph.D., co-author of this study, says the results may come from the effects on the pancreas from the fruit’s high levels of anthocyanins. The pancreas regulates blood sugar by producing insulin. Frozen wild blueberries offer the same benefits as juice. Farmed blueberries have lower amounts of anthocyanins.

Protein it if you can

Load your oatmeal with protein powder and get that extra protein boost in the morning. Remember it takes longer to digest protein so you feel full longer. Try to keep your carbohydrates to complex carbs and low G1, so your blood sugar doesn’t spike, affecting your metabolism. Sweeten your oatmeal with dried fruit.

So, what does being a chef have to do with it?

Everything — as well as giving you nutritional advice, I can give you easy can-do recipes and information on what you should and shouldn’t eat when dining out or purchasing prepared foods. Without nutritiously balanced, perfectly timed meals and snacks, no amount of working out will lead to your success. That’s how important what you eat is.


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Food tips

Conditioning on the Go

Carry your suitcases when traveling and try to have even weight in each arm. This is called "farmer’s walk" and works both the muscles of your upper body and lower back, plus challenges all the primary muscles in your lower body and builds lateral torso and hip strength. Yep, no wheels.

Strength Training – The Big 3

Strength training and building lean muscle will increase your metabolic rate even at rest, so you are burning more calories. It will also increase your bone density as well as improve your posture.

The Pinch on Fat

Whatever your motivation, a six-pack or increasing your range of motion, remember that fat stored around the abdomen increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. A lean abdomen reduces your risk. Another important reason to strengthen your abs is that they are crucial to hip stabilization. A strong core will help improve your posture, increase your energy while protecting your back, and prevent injury.

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