I started working out with Julie in May of 2008, while I was in the midst of training for my second marathon. I was injured for the first one and wanted to improve my performance in the second go around. And like every other self-obsessed 20-something young woman in the city, I was always trying to get fit, tone and of course, drop a few pounds in the process. I hit the ground running when I got into the gym with Julie! I’m pretty seasoned in gym technique, but she has me doing things that I’d never seen or heard of before! Of course, we incorporate every machine and weight station, but the hardest workouts always involve me using my own body weight to train. When those rings come out, I know I’m in for it! After every workout, I always say, “I’m so sore!!... But in the good way!” In every exercise that we do, she implements a core element, so I’m constantly engaging my trunk muscles for a leaner, stronger body. Although she’s a true ass-kicker in the gym, she’s still incredibly gentle and encouraging. She’s not a drill sergeant, but she carefully gauges your ability and energy level and pushes you to the limit. Plus, she’s an amazing conversationalist and has come to be a close, personal friend of mine! Since I started working out with Julie over a year ago, I’ve completely re-sculpted my body, gained a ton of energy, found muscles that I didn’t know existed on my body, and, of course, lost a few pounds… and then some! The marathon was a huge success, I felt incredible for the entire 26.2 miles, and I was completely injury free. I owe it all to Julie! Working out with her has been a truly incredible experience.
Sarah Hawthorne, 25
NYU School of Nursing Student
Julie and I started working out together in October. I had set several goals for myself, including focusing on certain areas of my body that I felt were weak or giving me problems. As we started excercising, Julie was able to create workouts that were specific for how my body moved, building on the strengths and ironing out the weaknesses, in order to ultimately achieve the goals I had initially set out. Her workouts then continued to progress with my progression, always helping me to get to the next step to improve my overall fitness. I achieved several tangible outcomes....1) Improved posture, 2) No back or knee pain, 3) Increasing strength and endurance and 4) Simply liking the way I looked!
Julie has an incredible ability to really build workout routines based on her individual clients....their needs, abilities, and bodies. She is also wonderful at reading people emotionally and mentally, which is an asset for someone in her position, because she knows exactly how far to push, and when to back off. She epitomizes the "personal" trainer.
Ambareen A. Bharmal
M.D. Family Medicine Physician
I had the privilege to train with Julie Semple at Club H Fitness. She was the top trainer at the Club because she was so professional, friendly, motivated, and knew her stuff. Within the first two weeks of our twice a week sessions, I saw my strength and flexibility increase as well as my weight go down. I was very pleased with my results right away as well as my results after months of work. Julie made our training session go fast as she varied the exercises, reps, machines, and floor work. Every workout was a challenge but I looked forward to pushing myself and having Julie at my side. She ensured I used the right amount of weight for my goals as well as made sure I performed the exercises correctly.
I have worked with three other trainers in my past and Julie was truly outstanding. She managed her schedule fairly, always came prepared, and kept me motivated to work hard. Julie is a pleasure to be around and her diverse background (culture, interests, travels) kept me entertained with her life-stories. I would encourage anyone ready to make a change or improve their current workout to hire Julie. She has made a big difference in my life/health!
Shawn Hecht Morris, 36
Vice President, Investment Bank
New York City

In October of 2008 I was told by my Doctor I had high cholesterol & high blood pressure and must take medication to control the blood pressure. I decided to try to control these by changing my state of health and get off the medication. I was told by losing weight and getting involved in a training program, this could be possible. This is when I engaged Julie as my personal trainer. .The results were visible shortly after I started to train with Julie, I had increased energy and a change in body shape plus felt stronger. I committed to training with Julie 3- 4 days per week and within 12 weeks I was completely off the medication. Julie is extremely competent as a trainer & motivator, her workouts were tailored to stimulate and challenge me, while keeping me interested and challenged. She is also very funny with a delightful sense of humor which has got me her challenging workouts. When I am tired and don’t feel like training I turn up, because I will see Julie.
Ann-Marie Orler, 48
Police Advisor
Police Division
Department of Peace Keeping Operations
United Nations

I don’t like gym scenes. Or exercise particularly.  But I knew I needed to get strong and healthy so I started meeting with personal trainers. More than the others, Julie Semple seemed to listen.  To my lifestyle, my goals, my expectations and my trepidation. She assessed my physical strengths and weaknesses.  Julie is patient but firm – making me confident and comfortable enough to show up for our sessions while challenging me to push beyond my perceived limits. Just when I start to think I have mastered something, the bar (or the weight) is raised and I am a beginner again.  Julie says that’s the point – that if I am not challenged in every session, she is failing in her job. And oddly, I don’t want to disappoint her so I try. Really hard. Every session. I would recommend Julie without reservation. She is a grown up.  She’s really smart – about exercise, about nutrition, about people.  And she’s pretty funny too. 
Barbara Jewell
Director of Human Resources, Gothan Inc.

I was someone who had never had any formal exercise. Julie has helped me get back into shape. Her discipline, perserverance and drive has given me the utmost push and confidence that I needed. She created an exercise program for me that is fun yet challenging. She is a joy to work with and she has a way of pushing me to the max, but has that glimmer in her eyes that says “I know you can do it”!!! … and I have. She is creative with her sessions, so it never feels repetitive. Plus to top it off, she is an extremely knowledgeable & compassionate person. I love our sessions.
Joanie Kaplan, 56
Executive Assistant to CEO
I have had many trainers in NYC and by far Julie is the most professional and knowledgeable trainer around. I have two herniated discs and Julie is always making sure my back is being protected. She is meticulous with my form and posture and she focuses on my core and also balances out my entire body with strength training. Julie has worked with me throughout my injury and we both have seen unbelievable results. I would recommend Julie for anyone who is serious about working out, building strength and gaining an all over physical sense of accomplishment. I have been active my entire life but now I know I am doing it correctly!
Jen Guam Bobker, 36

I had not worked out in two years, after a car accident and a series of health issues. I'd gained about 20 pounds, and more importantly, lost my balance and a great deal of muscle tone. In other words, my mojo was seriously off.
I knew I would like working out with Julie at our first meeting. Her keen sense of humor was evident, as well as her obvious dedication to her craft.
Within three months, I began to look and feel like the fit person I used to be. She would push me hard, but somehow, the comic relief and the ongoing variation in workout routines, coupled with the unique scottish/australian accent got me through it. Another tremendous advantage of working with Julie: her insights on nutrition... and the occasional fantastic recipe. She is a motivator, a tough trainer, and a charmer: an irreplaceable find in a trainer.
Maryjane Fahey, 60
Design Consultant

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