Conceive it, Believe it, Achieve it

Yours will be the body of evidence!!

Training with me is two people working on one person’s goals – yours.
I will empower you to achieve your goals. I guarantee results. There isn’t anyone who can’t train or anyone I don’t enjoy training. No matter how far away your goals may seem, I guarantee you will achieve results and have fun. Maybe you have trained on and off over the years; maybe you have never trained before; maybe you have been training for a while and need an extra force to really push you forward. Whatever your needs, I can show you the benefits of consistency, patience, discipline, hard work and laughter. Everyone deserves a healthy mind and body. I would love to assist you to enjoy a better body and improved health and fitness.

I have been a full-time sports person and a chef (amongst other things) and am now an accredited personal trainer. This means I can offer you a mature, broad approach to training. In our sessions I can also include advice on food choices, plus easy “can do” contemporary recipes for delicious healthy eating.

Never let yesterday use up today.
What are you waiting for?

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