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Julie’s Favorite Sites

Free Music Downloads to pump your workouts

These these mixes are free & for promotional use. The DJ.s that create these strongly recommend buying the artists music you enjoy. Some have an optional donation button, which helps pay for the cost of creating free mixes… Enjoy & Rock you workout!
House Nation Uk Podcast DJ Lee Harris. Also on iTunes Totally uplifting house, definitely my favorite mixes. They’ll get you moving and singing along happy through those hard workouts and you will reach the end before you know it…. Also on iTunes podcasts.
Wayneg’s Podcast.
Uplifting, happy, some lyrics, some deep sexy funky beats, a huge selection of some of your favorites and remixes from back in the day. On FB as Wayne G.
DJMan Podcast.
Dance, dance, dance, trance mixes, funk mixes, house mixes, deep dark mixes….de’lish. Great when you need it hard and fast.
DJ Luke Leal Podcast.
Uplifting mixes, not too heavy, not too light, perfectly motivating.
Acid Jasmine.
More fun, happy mixes. Friend her on Facebook and get the mixes.

Relax & Enjoy

When it’s downtime, time to chill — allow your mind and body to rest, repair, relax.
Melody Gardot
Her story is inspiring, her music, lyrics and voice are pure.
Find what makes a difference to your mood and uplifts your spirits and let yourself get lost in the music, connect your energy, mind, body & spirit.
Elizabeth Gilbert Author of Eat, Pray, Love listen to her talk at the 2009 Ted Conference…a different way to think about creative genious.
Visit sites, read books, magazines, watch movies, anything that connects you to your centre, life and love.

Giving Back is not always about the money!

Volunteer/advice/donate your time/possessions. Feed your soul with compassion empathy, connect, humanity.
Nourishing Kitchen
My favorite thank you to my beautiful client Jen for connecting me The young Chefs’ program… wowwww.
Food Bank
I saw this amazing group in action at Thompson Square Park.
Dress For Success

Friends & Fun

Mary Ercoli
Hand-crafted jewelry and more
Patricia Niven Photographer
Calliane, Samantha & Chloe Beckerman Fashion
Brent Purdy Artist
Claire Morgasen
Beatrice Orler Artis/tPerformer/Opera Singer
Suzanne R Banks Aromatherapy Friend on Facebook. Free tips help


Meant it
The Right Click
Club H Fitness